Smart Home & IoT Cybersecurity Webinar Series

IoT Essentials Series:  Top Tips for Fast Market Access for Smart Home Products

•  Smart Home Market Dynamics - regulatory framework update
•  Connectivity for Smart Home Devices - main technologies in use & how to comply
•  How to validate your product is secure and cybersafe 
•  How to verify your product meets your marketing claims and user experience requirements

IoT Cybersecurity Essentials Series #1 - Challenges, Risks & Regulatory Framework

•  Cybersecurity challenges for consumer IoT and retail markets
•  Cybersecurity risks and measures including TARA (Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis); architecture and attack surfaces and security counter measures
•  Cybersecurity regulations and standards for your IoT products, such as EU Cybersecurity Act I Radio Equipment Directive I ETSI-EN 303 645, CTIA IoT Cybersecurity I OWASP I Eurosmart IoT Certification, USA’s California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) I Nevada’s SB220, UK’s NSCS Code of Conduct, and etc.
•  Bureau Veritas’ IoT Device Cybersecurity Suite of Solutions

IoT Cybersecurity Essentials Series #2 - Understanding & Managing Vulnerabilities

•  What are the key vulnerabilities and what are their sources
•  How you can assess your connected products against all known vulnerabilities
•  Introduction to P-SCAN – an automated test platform to detect vulnerabilities and protocol implementation defects for communications interfaces (Zigbee, Bluetooth®, WiFi®)
•  Overview of our technical partner, CEA-Leti, a world leading cybersecurity research organization
•  Penetration Testing Essentials for Consumer IoT Devices
•  Introduction to our global network of accredited labs and technical centers in France, USA, China and Taiwan who can support you with enabling smooth market access and a good end-customer experience

IoT Cybersecurity Essentials Series #3 - Demonstrating Trust, Maintaining Compliance

•  Identify which of the 3 classes of evaluation is suitable for your product
•  Bureau Veritas IoT Device Cybersecurity Assessment & Certification Scheme supporting you in understanding, preparing and complying with security requirements for your connected products/devices
•  “Black Box” (securing end users) and “Grey Box” (securing design and development) Approaches
•  Introduction to our product certification scheme

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