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Verified by Bureau Veritas

Brand Protection and Enhancement

With the rise of research driven purchases, brands are increasingly losing control over their own brand narratives​. Consumers are increasingly demanding full transparency and will disregard products, and manufacturers, that do not deliver these expectations​. The Verified by Bureau Veritas mark can help end consumers navigate these complex market challenges while elevating brand awareness 

  • Positive Differentiation from Self-Declared Claims​: Independent, objective, science-based assessment confirms and communicates the truth of a claim​
  • Confidence and Simplicity for the buying process: Verified by Bureau Veritas mark makes decision-making easier and highlights a product feature to the end consumer ​
  • Tangible proof of Performance Claims: the Verified by Bureau Veritas mark creates trust based on independent, credible proof that a product will perform as intended​


  • Step 1: The Marketing Claim : Objective and scientifically verifiable phrases must be used only, abstract phrases are not allowed​ 
  • Step 2: The Testing Protocol : Test Protocol can be extracted from the International standards and test methods. Customized testing method can be determined whether to use it after pre-review​
  • Step 3: The Testing : The testing / evaluation location can be either a Bureau Veritas testing site or the customer testing site. If customer site, the calibration of the equipment must be checked in advance.
  • Step 4: Promotion :  Promotion can proceed under the license guideline agreed by both parties ( Service Agreement or Promotion guideline ) ​
BV Mark - Verification - Jul21
  • Step 5: Expiration : 1 year. For an extension, the product has to undergo new testing