Athletic Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods Testing

Companies selling or manufacturing athletic sporting goods in today’s marketplace face a variety of challenges. Regulations are constantly changing or do not exist for new and innovative products. Time-to-market continues to decrease while consumer expectations for quality and safety increase, and economic conditions change. In this dynamic environment, winning products need winning solutions that go beyond simple testing to help companies effectively balance cost and risk to protect their brand. 

As a global solutions partner, Bureau Veritas is ready to assist you with a comprehensive approach for brand protection and risk management for a wide range of athletic sporting goods that includes but is not limited to: apparel, footwear, sports equipment, fitness equipment, personal protective equipment, outdoor field and stream equipment, and other related sporting goods accessories. Our services are developed by dedicated technical professionals who actively participate in the quality assurance industry and understand the needs of athletic sporting companies. Whether you need to benchmark your products, verify regulatory compliance, assess the working environments where products are manufactured or address specific concerns, we can help you.

With over 12,000 employees around the world specializing in consumer quality assurance, we offer extensive technical leadership and capabilities to help you successfully meet the challenges of doing business in today’s marketplace.

What are the key benefits?
• Enhanced risk management and brand protection
• Compliant products
• Industry benchmarked products
• Convenient and turnkey quality solutions to meet your needs
• Improved return on your quality assurance spend

At Bureau Veritas, we are ready to partner with you and find the best solutions to meet your objectives.




For more than 35 years, we have worked successfully with top companies around the world to help them better manage risk and regulatory compliance. With locations close to sourcing areas in over 40 countries, we offer you the convenience of global coverage with local service where needed. Our staff participate in the development of international, industry and regulatory standards worldwide. We are committed to meeting your evolving needs as you anticipate new market trends.


  • How can I meet the growing consumer demand for safety, quality and value for products where no requirements exist - in a cost effective manner?

    The increase in consumer product litigation is an industry-wide challenge for the sporting goods industry especially in cases where products lack specified applicable regulations or industry standards, thus driving companies to seek solutions for unregulated products. Bureau Veritas offers a variety of cost conscious product specific protocols that address a diverse range of sporting goods. Our protocols are based on existing quality performance standards, regulations, and best practices to help compensate where formal requirements are lacking.