Bluetooth labs and specialists in USA, Germany, China, Taiwan and Japan

Bluetooth technology has been widely used in personal handsets, laptops, wireless handheld devices and multimedia devices for over two decades.

As well as adhering to regulatory standards, conformance and interoperability testing is essential
to validate that a Bluetooth-enabled device will work and pair well with other Bluetooth-enabled

The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) was founded in 1998 and oversees specification
development, qualification programmes and trademark protection. Bluetooth-enabled products
for consumers, automotive uses and medical uses must comply with Bluetooth SIG requirements,
if they are to obtain and use the Bluetooth Mark and Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth is an IEEE802.15-based short range technology and there are many specifications, from
version 2.0 up to 5.x (including Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Ready).


With Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) in USA, Germany, China, Taiwan and Japan – as
well as Bluetooth Qualification Consultants (BQCs) on hand to advise – Bureau Veritas can provide
fast support all over the world.

We offer Bluetooth qualification services from 2.0 up to 5.1, including Low Energy, as well as
certification for CTIA Bluetooth Compatibility.

Our services include:

  • Bluetooth Compatibility Certification Programme (CTIA) – For CTIA certification of Bluetooth - enabled mobile phones, headsets and car kits
  • Bluetooth interoperability testing – For car manufacturers (testing of devices using Bluetooth Air-Interface links)
  • Bluetooth SIG Qualification:

        o Bluetooth RF testing – Basic Rate, EDR, Enhanced Power Control, Bluetooth Low
            Energy, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth Ready, Bluetooth 5
        o Bluetooth Protocol testing
        o Bluetooth Profile interoperability testing

  • BQC and project management services:

        o Bluetooth project concept and listing strategies, definition and optimization in
            conjunction with your upcoming Bluetooth products
        o Definition of re-testing requirements for all available product types (e.g. integration of
            Bluetooth wireless technology in your end-product)
        o Test project handling in Bureau Veritas BQTFs
        o Preparation and upload of test declaration
        o Assessment of the compliance folder
        o Advisory in case of product changes