Package Testing

Package Testing

As online sales reach a level not previously expected until 2022, the need for durable packaging continues to grow at the same time. Whether shopping in a retail location or via the Internet, consumers expect to receive their products intact. When products arrive damaged or over-packaged, the result can be customer dissatisfaction, poor online ratings and increased costs for retailers and manufacturers to replace items. 

Packaging Testing offers retailers and manufacturers the best means to anticipate how products will perform during shipment and strengthen customer satisfaction. BV helps customers to select the tests that are more predictive of the real world and gives testing insights and advice to package engineers based on testing that is conducted in our ISTA certified global laboratory network. 

Bureau Veritas offers testing for packaged product integrity and performance by certified packaging laboratory professionals to a wide variety of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) performance testing procedures. Transit testing can be helpful in identifying potential damage to both the package and product during product development, on-going production monitoring, and after packaging or product design changes for sustainability efforts or other reasons.

Benefits of using BV for ISTA Packaging Testing

  • Fast Turn Around Time

    Normal 7 day TAT with faster express services available on request

  • Customizable Service

    Basic, fast testing or detailed reporting and lab staff engagement

  • Technical Support

    Packaging Engineering support test selection or best practices in design

  • Result Confidence

    Certified laboratory, ISTA trained staff, world class report

Let us help you reduce damage costs, which lowers waste, helping with sustainability goals and saving money. As you ship goods with less damage, online ratings get a boost, which fuels more online sales.

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